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The AS Roma Stores are the only official stores where it is possible to find the entire range of official AS ROMA merchandise. More than 1,000 different items from replica kits, leisurewear, souvenirs, toys, products for the house, and videos. The AS Roma Stores also have ticket offices where you can purchase tickets for all matches

The official stores of AS ROMA are:


Piazza Colonna n°360 - Roma Tel. 06.69781232 - Ticketing Office Tel. 06.69200642


Viale della Primavera n°23 - Roma Tel. 06.25204327


Via Arenula, n°82 - Roma Tel. 06.68809775


Viale Marconi, 271 - Roma Tel. 06.89534131


Via Tuscolana, n°1422-1424 - Roma Tel. 06.71072033


Via di Portonaccio, n° 68 - Roma Tel. 06.43252466


Centro Commerciale "RomaEst" - Roma Tel. 06.22510770 - Ticketing Office Tel. 06.22510448


Centro Commerciale "Euroma 2" - Roma Tel. 06.5201184


Centro Commerciale "Dima" - Roma Tel. 06.87133905


Centro Commerciale "La Romanina" - Roma Tel. 06.72278815


Centro Commerciale "I Granai" - Roma Tel. 06.5031074


Area Commerciale "Parchi della Colombo" - Roma Tel. 06.50911272


Valmontone Outlet Tel. 06.9597275



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